We know, we just don't like to talk about

Lecture by Jovan Trifuljesko curator and art historians about the extreme forms of Mizoginia in the online sphere, as it affects the formation of subcultures and what a response can be given through art.

Lora Bates in her book Men who hate women her introduction begins with

Imagine a world in which tens of thousands of women are raped, beaten, mutilated, abused or murdered every year, because of the simple fact that they are women. Imagine a world in which the hatred of women is actively encouraged, with sprawling, purpose built communities of men dedicated to fuelling and inflaming the cause. Imagine a world in which such hatred blends seamlessly with racist rage: ‘whores’ blamed for contaminating superior bloodlines; invading ‘savages’, conjured from hate-fuelled imaginations, framed as plunderers of the dehumanised commodity of fragile, white women. Imagine a world in which thousands of men band together, united by a common code of vitriolic rage, demonising and railing against evil, soulless, greedy women, graphically plotting their rape

and destruction in a glorious, bigoted uprising. Imagine a world in which some men actually enact such fantasies, killing women in mass murders, leaving behind manifestos explaining the ideology that drove them to commit these acts of terrorism. Imagine a world in which vulnerable men, lost boys and confused, scared teenagers are swept up and preyed upon by such communities, which feed on their fears and push them towards hatred, violence and self-destruction.

You don’t have to imagine that world – you already live in it. But perhaps you didn’t know, because we don’t like to talk about it.

This lecture will be discussed by new inseled communities, red-saws and pikap artists within the "Manosfer". "Manosfera" is a phenomenon in which women's equality is harmful to men, thus men must rebel against feminism to "fight for survival".  What is talk about in redit forums and the corners of the Internet "Manosfer"? What are the consequences of such rhetoric on the real world? And of course, who are men who hate women?

11. decembar 2022.